Consistent Improvement Since 2015

My name is Rich Robinson and I’ve been improving small business websites and marketing plans since 2015.

Improving Website Design

Design trends change often and I keep up with the trends by following industry-leading design publications so I can create clean, modern layouts.

Improving WordPress Hosting

WordPress changes frequently and I follow authoritative sources so I keep WordPress secure, fast, and running smoothly.

Improving Google Ads

Google Ads require regular modification and I keep track of the best changes with industry experts so I can help bring in more business.

Recent Improvements at My Agency

WordPress Web Design

Google-Friendly Animations

Replacing JS animations with CSS animations creates a modern style and improves your score in Google’s Core Web Vitals.

More Color Accessibility

Color sets the tone for your site and my color tests ensure your color palette is visually accessible for everyone.

Grammar & Tone Verification

Your words affect your site visitors and my grammar inspection includes tone of voice so you’ll always be at your best.

WordPress Hosting

Tougher Bot Filters

Avoid malicious login attempts and spam form submissions with an actively learning filter that increases the difficulty for hackers and spammers.

SEO Powered by AI

Take your search engine optimization to the next level with optimization suggestions from artificial intelligence.

Websites Load Faster

The average Cloudflare Argo user sees a 30% improvement in page load times and your site will benefit from this network.

Google Ads Management

44 Point Performance Checklist

I’ll monitor and update your campaigns with my daily 44 point health check to ensure you get the most out of your budget.

Clear Reporting

Get your favorite metrics at the top of the report and follow the benchmarks over time so you can “trust, but verify” your results.

Click Fraud Filters

Remove bad clicks from your account so you don’t waste your budget on competitors clicking on your ads.

Notable Improvements Since 2015


  • Coming Soon!


  • AI Author Added to Web Design Process
  • 44 Point Google Ads Audit Added to Accounts
  • Click Fraud Filter Added to Ad Accounts


  • Dedicated WordPress Hosting Servers
  • World’s Largest Ad Database Added
  • Landing Page Heat Maps Added to Ad Accounts


  • First Child Theme
  • First Mobile Ad Campaign
  • First AMP Website


  • Email Relay Server Added to Hosting Plans
  • First WAF Added to Hosting Plans
  • Image Processing Added to Hosting Plans


  • CDN Added to Hosting Plans
  • First Hack Clean Up
  • World’s Larget Keyword Database Added


  • First Agency Partner
  • Hosting Server Upgrade
  • First High Traffic Client


  • First WordPress Site Build
  • First WordPress Hosting Server
  • First Google Ads Campaign